Facility Outline

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Welcome to Hiroshima Chuo Ecopark

  • A facility with excellent resourcecirculation/
    energy use
  • A facility serving as a base for environmental study
  • A facility combining nature with the local community
  • A facility serving as a base for disaster response/prevention

Hiroshima Chuo Ecopark is a facility that treats waste from Higashi Hiroshima, Takehara, and Osakikamijima.
We strive to be a base for an advanced material-cycle society by building a zero reclamation system.

A facility with excellent resource circulation/energy use

We use energy generated in the melting process effectively for power generation, selling surplus electric power and utilizing it efficiently.
Also, the waste is converted into recyclable materials, resulting in a zero reclamation system.

Melting process flow
Melting process flow
  • Thermal energy use
  • We use thermal energy generated by waste treatment to generate power. This leads to a reduction of the fossil fuels needed for thermal power generation and a decreased burden on the environment.
  • 熱エネルギーの活用 イメージ写真
  • Zero reclamation
  • We achieve a zero reclamation by melting and reusing bottom ash and incombustible residue generated by our stoker incineration method.

  • 最終処分量ゼロ イメージ図
  • Reuse of molten materials (slag/metals)
  • Melting waste at a high temperature decomposes dioxins and removes heavy metals, so all materials are reused as harmless, safe molten slag in a sand form and metal.

  • 溶融物(スラグ・メタル)の資源化 イメージ写真
  • Smelter recovery (valuable metals)
  • Smelter recovery is a technology for extracting and recovering lead, zinc, copper, and other valuable metals from molten fly ash discharged from the waste treatment facilities of nonferrous metal manufacturers' smelters.
  • 山元還元(有価金属) イメージ写真
Facility outline/Treatment procedure
High-Efficiency Garbage Power
Generation Facility
Facility outline
Materials processed
Combustible waste, etc.
Processing capacity
Maximum 285t/day (95t/day × 3 furnaces)
Processing method
Gasification melting, shaft furnace type
Power output
6,500kW (maximum)
Treatment procedure
高効率ごみ発電施設 処理の流れ フロー
Sludge Recycling Processing Center

Facility outline
Materials processed
Night soil/septic tank sludge/agricultural community waste water sludge
Processing capacity
300kL/day Night soil: 53kL/day, septic tank sludge: 247kL/day
Processing method
Water-treatment facilities: denitrification treatment method with a high mixture ratio of septic tank sludge + effluent sewerage Reuse facilities: sludge combustion-improving method
Treatment procedure
汚泥処理センター 処理の流れ フロー
Company overview
Company name
Hiroshima Chuo Clean System
January 25, 2017
10759-2 Kamiminaga, Saijo-cho, Higashi Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Operation and maintenance of waste treatment facilities and other facilities related to the Hiroshima Chuo Ecopark development project (construction and operation of the High-Efficiency Garbage Power Generation Facility), and related work incidental thereto
Outline of construction